Friday, December 30, 2011

Goodbye 2011

Today is my last day of work before the new year. It is very quiet around here and I'm probably one of about ten people who didn't take this week off. Having The Sickness traveling around our house depleted my vacation time pretty quickly. Luckily, everyone seems to finally be feeling better and we'll have a nice long weekend to spend together.

I've spent a lot of time this week thinking about this past year. So much has happened:
My wish for 2012 is that it is much less eventful than 2011. So many good things happened but I'm just fine with things being a little boring around here.

Love you guys very much. Thanks for all of the support and love that you've given me this year.

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Stephanie F said...

I am hopeful that LOTS of things happen for you in 2012, but that all of these things are good, positive, and exciting. Yay for 2012!

Katie said...

I think that was our wish for 2012, too, that it would be less eventful than 2011! What a hectic year. Good hectic, a lot of it, but stressful!