Tuesday, April 5, 2011

BlogLove™ “Spark & Style”

Hey guys:

Harper and I went to an awesome event on Saturday called BlogLove™ “Spark & Style” at the Houndstooth Boutique. I had an absolutely wonderful time. It was so nice to get out of the house and hang out with so many nice ladies. I can't remember when I had so much fun.

In fact, the event was SO awesome that Harper insisted on blogging about it herself. You can go view her post here. She tells the story way better than I ever could. I suspect that she's going to be a better blogger than I am because she has a LOT to say.

As soon as Miss Harper learned about Twitter she pretty much insisted on having one of those too. Pushy kid. you can find her at @MissHarperMoo if you are interested in hearing what she has to say.

Don't say I didn't warn you.  ;)

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LoveFeast Table said...

We're so glad you joined us at BlogLove ~ Your baby is adorb!! Hope to see you again soon! ~CA & K