Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Target Nurse-In But I'm Not There

Today is the big day. A nurse-in is scheduled at 10am this morning for Target stores nationwide due to a mama being hassled while breastfeeding her baby. I, however, will not be there. The sickness hit my family hard, so hard that I didn't have any vacation to take the time off to go.

The two littles went down, then Harper continued to be sick to a degree that I started worrying seriously enough that we took her in to see the doc and had tests.) I got it and was down for days, Brad got a mild version. Luckily we all felt better by Christmas, which was awesome by the way.

Anyway, we are all still alive and kicking and I am hoping to get my blogging mojo back soon. I miss you guys.


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Barb said...

Glad you all survived and you're on the mend. Sickness=bad. Especially during holiday season.

Sunshine Mama said...

Sorry you're all sick. Didn't hear about the nurse-in. I can't believe they said that to that gal. Nursing is hard work. Glad to hear your Christmas was awesome!