Thursday, January 5, 2012

Nanny Diaries - Guest Post by Katie

Every once in awhile I wish we could afford a nanny. With four kids I never feel like I get anything done the way that I want. Mostly I would want the nanny to play with the kids so I could take a nap. Hehee!

I met Katie on Twitter awhile back and she'd be the first one I would call if I ever win that lottery. Please welcome her to the blog.

Nanny Diaries

Late summer 2011 I had a phone call from a Twitter friend of mine asking if I would be interested in being a nanny for Marissa (7 yr old) M-F 8-9.30am. I would spend one hour and 5ish minutes with her working on homework, playing, reading, or practicing spelling then drop her off at school. I immediately said yes! Every morning was different and sometimes would be challenging or easy. There would be days where she didn’t want to finish her homework or practice her spelling words – then I would just give her the silent treatment.  It has always worked for me in the past – and sure enough when there isn’t anything for her to do – she will say sorry to me
. Recently in December I had the opportunity to take out both Marissa and Lindsey downtown Minneapolis to see the Macy’s holiday display – was so comical on the bus ride home – a guy was sitting across from us and said something on the lines “your children look just like you” – I immediately said they aren’t mine – but in some way I was flattered.  I want to have children just haven’t find the right match yet.
I love being a nanny! Though I know it won’t turn into a full time job – I am glad to be helping out their family. From an only child perspective it makes me feel like I have another sibling – that I never had.  Also on the other lines mother types figure possibly? I see so many women in late 20s and early 30s with kids I just kind of feel left out a bit.
Resources for Parents
Are you a parent in need of extra ‘help’ and could use someone to take care of the kids and run errands? Do you want to find a ‘Safe’ alternative to posting ads? Well, I have two great FREE/low cost online websites that are 100% credible and safe. I practically use them to get my entire nanny, babysitting and pet sitting jobs.   
  • Sittercity provides a great way for parents to connect with caregivers by posting job openings. Once a caregiver responds the parent can reply or not but they have the access to references and can request a background check. They are pretty much in every major city. Sign up and get the first week free – also they provide options for memberships as well. I have never had a problem with their services and I love their website!
  • is another great site for parents to use when searching for a caregiver. Just like Sittercity parents can post job ads and screen which applicants they are interested in.  They also can request for background checks, reviews, etc. There aren’t many differences between the sites – just it seems on Care there is a blog provided and on Sittercity they provide free memberships for military families. 

About Katie Little
Katie is currently looking for employment in the social media industry. At the moment she currently is a nanny for a 1st grader and babysits for 6 families. She holds a graduate degree in leadership and management with a focus on social media and leadership from York St. John University in York, England. Katie’s strong background in customer relations, communications and leadership has contributed to her many successes. In her spare time Katie caters to the whims of many canine companions through her business Your Puppy Nanny where she provides “loving care for when you’re not there…”

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