Friday, September 26, 2008

Why Tuesday sucked - Part One

Tuesday 9/23/08 very shortly before 10am:

I was walking down the third floor hall headed toward my office. Faculty were visiting from another campus to meet with present and future students and an information session for the program I support was about to start up on the fourth floor. I was headed to my office to get some supplies (I think, can't really remember why now) and someone called my name from behind me. I turned to answer and my right ankle twisted and gave out. I felt a pop and then a lot of pain and down I went to the floor. (I caught myself well though, landing hands-first and on one knee. I did not land on my abdomen or anything. Baby is fine and there was no cause for concern from that perspective.)

I immediately had a worried crowd around me. I reassured everyone that this was NOT baby-related and that 'clumsy me' just hurt my ankle. People were kind enough to help with getting ice packs, making sure the info session was going smoothly, etc. We evaluated and realized a trip to the ER was probably in order for x-rays. I called OB, waited forever for a response; spoke to a nurse who asked a few questions. My answers confirmed my thoughts: Baby was fine (no cramping, spotting, pain, baby movement normal, etc) so no further issues with consulting OB, only with getting to the ER to get the x-rays done on my ankle. I had a work study student covering my desk at the time so I could devote my energies to helping my visitors out with what they needed during their visit. This was very fortunate as she ended up taking me to the ER! How perfect an experience for nursing work study! She'd never seen *insert name of uber-massive well-known medical facility here* and this was actually a really good opportunity for her.

Went to *insert name of uber-massive well-known medical facility here*, got the x-rays, waited forever and finally got to see the doc. X-rays negative (yay) and just a sprain. Unfortunately, "just a sprain" hurts like the dickens when you are pregnant and all you can take is OTC Tylenol! We spent 5 hours dealing with this so at this point I'm exhausted, cranky, in pain and pretty much ready to go to bed. The doc offered to excuse me for a couple of days from work so that I could go home and get my foot elevated, rest it, ice it and let it heal...which is about all I could do to fix it. I assured him that I work at a desk and I told him I thought I could keep it elevated at work and that I would be fine. (Let me just say...what was I THINKING??)

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