Wednesday, September 17, 2008


"Study Confirms 'Baby Brain' In Pregnant Moms

Dr. Kim Mulvihill, M.D.

(CBS 5) Australian researchers have taken a closer look at what is called "Baby Brain," a condition where pregnant mothers get more forgetful, especially during the third trimester.

Researchers analyzed 14 different studies completed over the past 17 years looking at memory performance in pregnant women and new mothers. They found moms-to-be were significantly impaired on memory skills that require extra effort, such as learning new phone numbers, or multi-tasking.

They say long-term memories won't be lost due to "Baby Brain,", but new information and short-term memory could suffer. The scientists also found the condition occurs in 80 percent of women.

To boost memory, pregnant women should get plenty of rest, socialize with others, eat vegetables and get some exercise."

...I feel so vindicated right now. Just so you know.

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