Friday, September 26, 2008

Why Tuesday sucked - Part Two

I'm all about medication-free labor and delivery but I wish you could have Vicodin when you are pregnant. OWWWWWWW my ankle hurt when I got back to my office.

What didn't help was the crowd of people at my desk right when I got back. Some were looking for something, some were needing me to do something and some just wanted to yell at me for having the almighty nerve to hurt myself and therefore be away from my desk. Ok, there was only one that actually wanted to yell at me and make me feel like crap but good LORD. Apparently I have to learn how to say "Can we please discuss this later when I'm not in a lot of pain?" in Swahili as English didn't work no matter HOW many times I said it.

Time for an opinion poll. What is more irritating - Someone who ignores you when you beg to discuss something "later" or someone who AGREES with you about the concept of "later" but continues to talk about it "now" anyway? Oh WAIT. She kinda did both. GAH.

I can't be away from my desk for one day without drama. Maternity leave is at least 6 weeks. Good Lord help us all.

*hides under desk*

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