Monday, January 1, 2007

Happy New Year!!!!!

So I wonder how many people in the world made New Year's resolutions? I also wonder how many resolutions have already been broken? Feel free to update me as I am very curious, not having much of a life myself. :)

My darling husband has decided to quit smoking. I am very excited that he has taken this HUGE step towards a healthier lifestyle. I am NOT very excited about how grumpy this has made him. We went to Chez Target to get him some nicotine gum and I think that is the only reason he has not committed murder. I think he wants to kill me. I am too cheerful. Or something. I don't know. Rationality is not to be expected right now. I am being a good wife and just leaving him the hell alone. He actually came out of the bedroom and came looking for me because he hadn't seen me in so long. (I am hiding in the office.) I don't want to get a divorce so I am staying clear of him until the worst of the cravings pass. According to the nicotine gum insert that is about twelve weeks. *sigh*

But seriously, I am VERY proud of him. I am also happy because I have my own struggle with smoking and have found it is VERY easy to smoke when your spouse does and ciggies are always available. I'm not blaming him at all, just's easier when tobacco isn't within reach.

My resolution is to try to be a bit more tidy. I did some dishes today so that's a step in the right direction. :D Yay me.

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