Monday, January 1, 2007

Another amazing moment from The Defective Yeti

I dream of being a mommy like this:

December 03, 2004 - The Burdens Of Parenthood

The Queen:
"I took The Squirrelly to the hospital today for his second flu shot. After he got it I was out in the waiting room getting ready to leave, and there was this old lady sitting near us. And she starts asking me all these questions, like 'how old is he?' and 'how much does he weigh?' -- but not in a friendly way, she was all aggressive about it. So I got all ready to go, and stood up, and started rummaging around in the diaper bag for his hat, and she totally yells at me, "you need to put a cap on that baby!!" And I turned to her and started to say 'how about I put a cap in your ass?!' But I stopped myself. Because, you know: I'm a mother now."

YOU MUST SEE THIS BLOG. If you only read one blog a day then skip mine and go directly to The Defective Yeti. He is way funnier than I am. ;)

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Chris said...

You can do it.
Happy New Year