Wednesday, November 7, 2012

November 7th

A message to some of my family and friends:

I understand that you may or may not be pleased about the outcome of the presidential election.

I prayed for November 6th to come so that I would no longer have to see the constant barrage of posts on my Facebook wall demonizing the candidate you opposed and referring to him using demeaning terms. (Both sides are JUST as guilty so don't smirk and think I'm not talking about you). My cursor has hovered over the block or unsubscribe buttons more times than I care to count.

Today is November 7th. Please stop. I love you and don't want to have to block your posts. If you think this is about you, you might be right. Then again, there are at least a half dozen of you so your odds are good. What's done is done and continuing to go on and on about it just makes you look bad.

I commend your passion for the issues and am impressed that you know way more about them than I do. But please...ENOUGH.


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Yes, I voted for Obama. No that is not why I posted this. I voted for Obama because I was scared to see what would happen to women if I voted Republican. So, go ahead and call me a liberal idiot if you want. I usually run more conservative but voted my heart this time because I was petrified to see what would happen to my daughters if their choices continue to be taken away from them. 

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the_happy_hausfrau said...

Amen. And I voted the same way as you, for exactly the same reasons.