Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Just Write - Week 3

I was almost to the van, running late for work again when I remembered something. I yelled back to the house.

"Katy? Where is your instrument?"


I knew it.

I literally run back towards the house. I'm already pissed.

"Katy! Where is your instrument?!?"

Katy looks at me nervously then starts talking very fast. "I forgot I had play practice after school and..."

I interrupt her, furious. "I told you to bring that instrument home every single day! EVERY DAY! We have talked..."

She interrupts me, saying "But I..."

"I DON'T WANT TO HEAR IT KATY. I told you to bring it home EVERY FUCKING DAY. I have told you this so many times. Seriously. What do I keep telling you???"

"To bring it home every day unless you or the band teacher tell me not to."

"I can not do this right now. I have to get to work."

I storm out the door and stomp to the van, slamming the door as hard as I can. Did I mention that I am PISSED OFF?

Tires screeching, I speed towards work.

I call my husband, vent a bit, breathe. Then I call home. Katy answers.

"Hi baby."

"Hi Mom."

"I'm sorry I swore and yelled. I am just feeling really frustrated. We have talked so many times about you bringing home your instrument. You have band every day and you need to practice honey. You insist you want to be in band. Is this still what you want?"

"Yes Mom, I really do."

"Ok, then what do you need to do?"

"Bring my instrument home every day unless you tell me not to."

"Ok, so the way you do it now is you go get it from the band room at the end of the day right?"


"Clearly this is not working."


"Is there somewhere else you can put it so that you'll remember?"

"I have study hall last period. I can take it with me."

"I think that'll work better don't you?"


"Ok, start doing that then."

"I will Mom."

"And Katy?"

"Uh huh?"

"I love you baby and I'm really sorry for swearing and yelling at you today. I had a right to be mad but I didn't need to blow up like that."

"It's ok Mom. I love you too."

"Have a good day babe."

"You too Mama."

Went to work. Had borderline icky day. Got a parking ticket. Came home.

Katy? Stuck her nose in a book after school instead of doing chores or homework and scurried around ten minutes before I got home trying to get her stuff done without success. She got busted right away when I saw her stuff wasn't done and asked her about it. She confessed immediately.

I, in turn, let her live.

Didn't even raise my voice this time.

Yay me.  ;)

Visit Heather of the EO to learn more about #JustWrite.

Footnote: Katy's behavior by the end of the evening ultimately resulted in my removing permission for her to participate in the school play. That instrument that was the cause of such drama? Was not practiced a day yet this week. We had a deal, if she was to participate she needed to keep up with her school work and responsibilities. She didn't hold up her end of the bargain and got more 'do overs' than she should have gotten. 

Puberty is awesome, yes?

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TheNextMartha said...

My son in 3rd grade is already starting to forget to do stuff. This parenting is one long ass road.

Ash said...


Ash said...

Sounds like you and I had a similar kind of parenting day. Oof. It can be tough. But writing it out certainly helps. You're an awesome mama, don't you forget it! xo

Pamela Gold said...

I know how it is. I can totally relate. We don't watch our language at home so when the F bombs fly directly AT our kids it's like nothing new. I really should change that.