Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Just Write - Week 2

Trina is counting in the darkness. I am fighting the urge to giggle and at the same time I feel sick to my stomach. Sneaking across the yard to find a hiding place, I hide behind a tree. I am prepared to switch spots if I think shes getting close. I hate being 'It' because I am not as fast as the others and if I am 'It' then I feel alone. I feel like they chase me especially hard because I am easy to catch. Being clever is my only defense. I move from spot to spot so that I can feel safe.

I hear someone coming so I sprint in the opposite direction, heart pounding with fear. Suddenly I am on the ground, wind knocked out of me. I had forgotten about the low fence that stretched across the neighboring yard.

Full disclosure: I actually wrote this during Kate Hopper's presentation at the Minnesota Blogger Conference. We were given just a few minutes to come up with it. I wrote it on my phone keyboard while keeping Harper entertained. I am posting it tonight because I didn't want to miss out on Just Write this week.

I am in bed now trying to clean up the obvious typos and get it posted. Please forgive any errors. :)

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Kate (Perpetually Nesting) said...

I love this. This is what you wrote at MNBlogCon, yes?

NLS 1993 said...

I'm seriously impressed that you typed this in just a few minutes while entertaining Harper.

I love that I felt like I was there with you, sneaking about and feeling so nervous.