Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Breakfast Of Champions

Actual conversation this morning:
S:  howdy
me:  howdy
S:  did you see that project i sent you?
me:  my internet is out at home so i coudn't view on my phone
S:  omg, do you feel completely naked??
me:  i have a smart phone so i could limp along
me:  more underdressed for the environment
S:  ha! good one!
me:  i am Teh Funneh
S:  no lie

This post (as well as the return of Teh Funneh) are brought to you courtesy of the following:
Breakfast of Champions

Worry not my loves, some of these pills are vitamins. The breakdown is as follows:
  1. Prenatal vitamin (as long as I'm breastfeeding) - large pink oval
  2. Calcium + Vitamin D (osteoporosis prevention) - LARGER pink oval
  3. Fish Oil (many reasons)  - yellow clear oval
  4. Vitamin B (many reasons)  - orange oval
  5. Vitamin D (my levels are low so I aim for about 4000 IU daily) - two white circles
  6. Ativan (anxiety) - slightly different white circle
  7. Welbutrin (depression) - tan oval pill
  8. Zoloft (depression/anxiety/rage) - 1/2 pill yellow oval (weaning off this one gradually)
  9. Celexa (depression/anxiety/rage) - 1/2 pill salmon oval (adding this one gradually)
The Zoloft is going away at the end of the week as the Celexa dose is increased to 20mg and the Wellbutrin is increased to 300mg. Ativan is only as needed and will go away in the next couple of weeks as the new regimen takes effect.

I'm sharing this with you because I think it is important to not be ashamed of the things you do to be healthy. Hell yes I'm medicated. (If I were a diabetic, no one would think twice about my need for insulin.) This should be seen the same way. Simply put, my body doesn't produce a substance it needs in an adequate supply so I'm supplying an artificial form of that substance so that I DO have an adequate supply.

Just because my particular disorder involves my brain, that doesn't mean I'm all crazy up in here.

I've decided to stop my own personal "War On Drugs" when it comes to drugs I need.

Edit: I'm now all seriously pissed off and angry about some personal family-related stuff that I will not get into here. I'm only sharing this because I'm managing to maintain my composure (other than that one little crying fit but we won't talk about that). The meds and therapy must be doing something!!!

Edit again: Apparently things were phrased poorly in the conversation that was reference in my first edit. I'm still annoyed but going to go eat something fattening, which I am sure will help immensely.

Here, watch video of Jamie lying in the grass. You're welcome.

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twg said...

This would be a good pairing for next time.

Jamie H said...

I hope you like your celexa as much as I like mine!

Chibi said...

*standing ovation* Hear, hear! Proud of you for sharing and helping to bust stigmas. <3

Britni TheVadgeWig said...

Good for you! I'm a firm believer of putting a face and a voice to these stigmatized things (rape, mental illness, etc.) in order to decrease that shame and stigma.

For the record, I currently take Wellbutrin 200 mg and have tried many other things. I firmly believe that Wellbutrin saved my life.