Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Why I Love Breakfast

We had an interesting weekend without internet. I thought Brad and I were going to go bonkers. (Ended up being some technical thing related to our town and it's fixed now thank GOODNESS.) So, I'm a bit behind on my blogging plans.

I will do the Part II post very soon - which will hopefully catch you up on what is going on in our neck of the woods. I also have not forgotten the camping post I promised awhile back. I will get it done, just have to do the following:
  1. Find camera.
  2. Charge battery.
  3. Find cable to hook to laptop.
  4. Upload camping pictures.
  5. Write post.
Seems too daunting a task for my sleep-deprived brain to figure out right now. (We're transitioning Jamie to his own room and that is presenting it's own challenges.) I will get those posts done though I promise.

For today, I want to share a little something about my favorite place to have breakfast. There is a restaurant very close to where I work. I love this place. (I'd love to tell you the NAME of this place but it's pretty location-specific and you know how I like to try to avoid giving too much detail.) Anyway, they spoil me there. Just about every weekday morning, I go and get one of their yummy breakfast sandwiches and a Dr. Pepper. When I first started going there, I ordered a breakfast sandwich without cheese because the cheese they offer wasn't to my liking. They found out that I like cheddar and started putting shredded cheddar on my sandwiches. Now, all I do is walk in and they remember my shredded cheddar. How sweet is that?

Pic of my yummy sausage, egg and cheddar breakfast sandwich (note the melted cheddar cheese)

The lady who runs the show (Kathleen) is an absolute sweetie, as are the others who work there. Very friendly and helpful. Kathleen always makes sure I get a sample of new soups that she makes. Just love her to pieces! Don't even get me started about the huge cookies they sell...or the soups and salads and other foods. YYYUUUMMMMM.

Here is Kathleen. This is about as close as she'd let me get with my camera phone.

Anyway, I have a reason for telling you all of this. This restaurant is listed on a website that does restaurant reviews called UrbanSpoon. They are #14 on the "Best Restaurants" list and I totally think they deserve to go higher than that! So...if you are local and recognize the restaurant, GO VOTE FOR THEM ALREADY. If you do not recognize the restaurant from my pictures, leave a comment with a way to reach you and I will get you the direct link to the voting. In fact, leave a comment regardless of whether you need the link or not so that I know that you think they are awesome too.

I just had a great idea! Leave a comment telling me you voted and I will do a drawing. Winner gets lunch (or breakfast) at this yummy restaurant - my treat!

Please do not name the restaurant in the comments section. If you do, I will not be able to publish the comment. Yeah, I know. This is about the oddest advertising anyone ever did. I'm happy to share the name with you. Just comment and ask me for it and if I 'know' you then I'll be happy to share.


Blessedw5mom said...

Alright Jo ... I think I might know, since I grew up in that neck of the woods, but you better give me the name to be sure ;-)


Sarah said...

I know where you live, but don't know anything about restaurants or anything in your town, lol. I used to work downtown Mpls and I had a place similar to what you described! I never had to tell them what I wanted, they just remembered and made it! I loved that place!

Stephanie F said...

I love her! I also love talking cookie recipes with her ... and her lobster bisque is to DIE for.

Anonymous said...

I haven't eaten at the new (well, not sure if "new" is the right word at this point!) location...just the one by the hospital YEARS ago. You are inspiring me to venture over there at some point :)

Anonymous said...

Forgot to say...I voted! And...do you have Charter??

Jo said...

Thanks for voting and nope, I do not have Charter.

Sunshine Mama said...

ok...give up the name, I'll vote.

Oh, does this mean I can put more wedding pictures up (with you in it?)


Jo said...

I emailed you the link Sunshine Mama. And yes, you may post more pictures. Truly, that should be a testament of my love for you. I hate pics of myself.

Still have that dress hanging in my closet by the way. I wonder if it fits. Hehee.

The Fritz Facts said...

I think I know, but not sure. DM me on Twitter. If it's the place I think it is YUMMY!!!

Amanda said...

Well, I went and voted. Not sure if I voted for the right place... but oh well!!

Now. If I win the breakfast, does that mean I get to go to breakfast WITH you??

Cause thats the realy prize! :)


Alison said...

I love great local places that remember what you like!

Stopping by to say 'hi' to a fellow Minnesotan!