Thursday, October 1, 2009

Last post was HOW long ago???

Yikes. I hadn't realized it had been so long! Sorry about that. Real life just seems to be taking a lot out of us lately. So...let's play a bit of catch-up.

What has happened in the last 18 days? Sadly, I had to go to my Twitter stream to remind myself. I'm getting older and the memory has never been terrific. I'm sure age will only make it worse. What is Twitter you say? Hah, well Twitter is the reason I probably don't blog as much. Think of it as micro-blogging. You get 140 characters to 'Say What You Need To Say'. Man I love that song...whoops, sorry. Easily distracted...

I am drawn to Twitter because there is not a lot of time-commitment involved and that works for me lately. I will try to do better on updating my blog though. Promise.

Anyway, If you don't follow me on Twitter...well, you should. You'll know a lot more about my life if you do.

This is Part One in a two-part series entitled "Things We Have Done Since My Last Post":

We went to a birthday party for my sister-in-law. Yummy food and time hanging out with family and friends. This is always a good thing. I tweeted pics of my nephews and even caught a doggie nephew. See all the stuff you are missing if you aren't following me??

The kids and I spent a weekend with my friend Sunshine Mama. We had lots of fun. Yummy food (as always) and a comfy bed to sleep in. They take great care of us. Sunshine Mama, Jamie and I got up at literally the crack of dawn and went to the Liz Logelin 5k. (Brad stayed home to enjoy the solitude and also get some work done, Laura had a parade and Katy opted to stay and play in the Garden of Eden with all of Sunshine Mama's flowers. What that really means is Katy didn't want to walk 5k so she stayed behind and played with the kids.)

Amanda met up with us at the 5k to give us the yummy and BEAUTIFUL cookies she made for the occasion. I could do a post about that but in the interest of catching up, I'll direct you to their blogs instead since they did such a beautiful job of telling the story. OH! OMGoodness! I forgot to tell you! MADDIE kissed Jamie!!! Go to Sunshine Mama's blog right NOW to see the proof. She also gave him his first cookie. Guess it's true, girls have been tempting boys into sin since the beginning of time. *sigh*

After the 5k, we went to visit Sunshine Mama's sister at her fabulous fabulous vintage clothing store. I'd link but I need to be respectful of SM's privacy. We bloggers need to always take care to not inadvertently give locations that might give away personal info about fellow bloggers. I've slipped up a few times but I'm getting better! Yay me! Anyway, we also went to lunch with SM's beautiful sister at a yummy restaurant where we sat outside and I taunted my hubby with a pic of my food.

We saw Laura in a parade. Again, I stink because I don't have any pictures. Her step-mom (and my most awesome friend) Stephanie does though so I'll have to get her to send me some so I can post them. Laura did a great job and we of course embarrassed her by screaming her name when she was by our group. It was awesome. During the parade, Steph lured my son into sin by giving him red licorice and chocolate frosting. Girls, pure evil I tell you. I was able to provide proof of these transgressions thankfully due to our ability to take pictures with our cell phones. (I gotta tell ya, I was initially resistant to a phone taking pictures but I'm kinda on board now. But, I digress...)

Katy tried out for a play and got two parts!! She was so brave and beautiful and the only fifth grader that stuck it out to the very end. She even tried out for the main role, knowing that she probably wouldn't get it. The play is a middle school and high school production and we discussed ahead of time that probably the 'big kids' would get the 'big parts'. She is the only fifth grader that was given two roles and was told it was because she tried so hard. Gosh I love that girl.

See the tiny little on on the end on the left side? That's my baby.

Brad and I celebrated our wedding anniversary on September 23rd. We celebrated by having take-out from a place in town but it was YUMMY take-out so I sure was happy. We were thinking of going out just the two of us but the flu seems to be making the rounds so we decided to be safe and stay home. That and a certain 10-year-old got in a bit of hot water over school work and going out seemed like it would reward the behavior so we decided staying home was best.

A couple of days later I saw the podiatrist and we determined I didn't have to wear that horrible boot anymore so I went from this...To this...

Update on my father-in-law: Dave is doing great and feeling better all of the time. Chemo is not easy but so far he's hanging in there! I'll update with more detail in a future post. I think this one is quite long enough!

Quick prayers/good thoughts please for his friend (and ours) Scotty. He's one of Dave's best friends and going through a cancer journey of his own and things aren't going so well right now.

Also if you could please put in a good word for 'the guy Jo met at lunch yesterday'. I'm embarrassed to say that I've forgotten his name entirely. (I'm sure God will know who you are talking about...LOL.) He's on his own journey and going through radiation and I felt moved to let him know I'd put him on my 'list'. He and his wife were very nice folks and they were touched by my offer to add him to our prayers. Felt kinda weird offering but felt moved to do so. Glad I did!

...And this brings us to the conclusion of Part One in the two-part series entitled "Things We Have Done Since My Last Post". Hope you enjoyed it!



Sunshine Mama said...

This was such a nice newsy post. Loved looking at all those pictures of your nephews. It was nice to see Katie at the try-outs on stage. very cute.
Did you see the post of Jamie with that other girl...the day after the one you linked to?

Good to see you got that "big foot" off.

Amanda said...

Wow!! No wonder yer little blog was feeling lonley... you were out living life! :)

Glad your foot is healing.

And that your sweet girl is going to be the next Nicole Kidman. NO. She'll be better. :)


Irrational Dad said...

Glad you're back. Life prevented me from blogging a couple weeks ago, but I'm making my way back as well. Strange how the real world can do that sometimes.