Saturday, September 12, 2009


So, I follow many blogs. Well...I try to follow many blogs. My Google Reader consistently has a nasty little 1000+ next to the "All Items" section, indicating that I am waaaaay behind on my reading. of my favorites is Blog a la Cart. She is absolutely hilarious and I squee with excitement when I see she's done a new post.

Imagine my joy when I found that today *gasp* little old ME was featured in her post. *squeeeeeee* Click HERE to see it. I R FAMOUS.

You can see more of my funny friend over at Green Eyed Monster. The ladies at Green Eyed Monster are fab. Seriously. The fun of Green Eyed Monster is that it "promotes the BYOB (Bring Your Own Bag) movement by offering a versatile, artistic, and reusable alternative to disposable shopping bags." Go over there by clicking HERE and join the fun! Do it now please. You won't regret it.

In other news, Katy started school yesterday. How cute is she? Fifth grade already. *sob*

In other other news, Grandpa Dave started chemo yesterday. So far things are going well. The doc decided to adjust his regimen a bit as his ejection fraction (see last post) was not quite as high as they'd like. The number is a good reading for Dave and considered his normal...just not high enough for the standard chemo schedule so they are spreading it out over more time.

In other other other news, I have a big ouchie.

I was pulling stuff out of our dishes cupboard and a large (when I say large I mean the size of an extra-large pizza) and heavy glass lid for my very large frying pan slid out and hit me square on the ankle. It came from a shelf that was approximately three feed from the ground. My first thought was that it was broken.

Hubby figured it was a sprain as I could bear weight on it. I went back and forth with my opinion as one minute it kinda felt ok and then there would be sharp pain. I decided that Brad was right and iced and elevated it.

I did bear weight on it...all day yesterday at work.

As the day went on, it started swelling more. After running around on it all day and going to appointments and out to dinner, I really started getting uncomfortable. I decided to go to get an X-ray. Laura went and kept me company and we got in and out fairly quickly. Much to my surprise...

So yeah...I have obtained smexy new footwear. Aren't you jealous?

Not sure what I'm doing about the Liz Logelin 5k yet. I really really really don't want to miss it. I see podiatrist sometime this week...perhaps he or she can give some advice. *sigh* Anyone have a motorized scooter I can borrow?

So for today, we are hanging out and relaxing and I am keeping my foot up as much as possible. Katy is visiting with her daddy this weekend, Laura is working on homework and reading and watching NCIS...

...Jamie is napping, Daddy is napping...

...and Mama is thinking about napping too.

P.S. I just might get to that camping post this weekend. I didn't forget about it!


Raychel Celeste said...

U R FAMOUS! And I love NCIS. Good girl.

Amber @pacigraveyard said...

Yikes, mama! Thank goodness you went and got that xray done. That really stinks. =( how long do you have to wear the boot?

Hope the remainder of your weekend is a little less stressful! =)


Sunshine Mama said...

Her post was hilarious! I'm assuming you can do that with breastmilk because it contains such strong antibodies.
Oh. I hope we can still go on Saturday. Somehow. I could ride my bike and attach a wagon behind it and pull you? :)

AManda said...

Hey Jo! Just thought I'd tell ya that I AM going to make you cookies! I posted about it tonight... but was wondering if I could just meet up with you and give them to you instead of mailing them? LIke in White Bear Lake or Stillwater or the intersection of 694 and 36? Ok. Maybe not there.

But someday this week? (Not tomorrow, I am not quite done with cookies yet!)

email me to chat!

Jo said...

I just might take you up on your offer Sunshine Mama. I'm looking to borrow a wheelchair from somewhere and two other people have volunteered to help push! I'm so NOT missing this 5k!! You are the best. *hugs*

Thanks for the nice comments Raychel and Amber. Love you!

Amanda, you are AWESOME and I'm so excited! I will email you to figure out details. <3<3<3

Ash said...

YOU GET WELL! Yikes! And you are the BEST for this lil shout out. ROCK ON!

I need to email you the code, because it is too long for TWITTER and won't let me post it in the comment. Balls!

DM me your email por fas ;) I promise not to spam you!

Anonymous said...

Over 1000 unread items?!?!?! I freak when I hit 50. Wow.

Jo said...

Yes anonymous...I have over 1000. I am kinda freaking. In fact, I may just have to do a purge and start over and hope I didn't miss anything. It doesn't help that Google Reader keeps adding blogs back in that I stopped following. GAH.

Amanda said... gotta update your blog! How are you feeling after the walk?? Your little Jamie is BEYOND cute. I sat and looked at his picture for like 5 minutes yesterday!!

Hope all is well!


Kami said...

Well that blows. But maybe it's a good excuse to take it easy, huh?

Lipstick Jungle said...

That hurt my ankle just reading it! YOUCH! Hope it heals fast! lo

Sunshine Mama said...

Hey, chickadee! Wanted to let you know that I put you in my "race story" if you want to read what "you" said, and also I awarded you the "Honest Scrap" award to have you do to suck up more of your time. :)