Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Home with a sickie today

Jamie woke up in the middle of the night not feeling well. By not feeling well I mean that he was a bit feverish and sobbing hoarsely for quite a bit and wouldn't even nurse. So, I made the decision to stay home with him today. He seems to be feeling better now though, as is evidenced by the following conversation between my husband and myself:

me: your son is evil
me: he hits me and then laughs when i say 'ow'
B: i mean....I'm sorry, I'll have a talk with him tonight.
me: :P

Granted, he is only six months old now...but still. What if he ends up being that mean little kid that pulls the wings off of bugs? Yikes.


Sunshine Mama said...

You guys are cute. I'm glad Jamie's feeling better.

Jo said...

He is definitely feeling better and I am back at work today. Jamie was such a joy this morning that it was hard to leave him. 6 months is such a fun age. :D

Kami said...

I fell in love with both my kids at 6 months. It only gets better and cooler from here. No longer is he amoebic! Yay!

GibsonTwins said...

Just popped over from my blog comments section. I agree 6 months is a great age (all the time hubby says, can we just rewind x months ago to when they were 6-7 months old?). They're so bubbly happy and immobile!

PS- I fully believe my twins will pull the lights off the lightning bugs (fireflies) this summer. At least boy twin will :)