Thursday, June 25, 2009

...AND another day of missed work

Does this look like pink eye to you?

*sigh* Yep, me too.

We have an appointment at 1pm today to confirm my suspicion.

Edit: Appointment over. Pinkeye has been confirmed.

Certainly doesn't stop him from stealing my book though...


Joe said...

That's sad... what do they give for that, antibiotics? Cream? That sucks.

The Cake's Mom said...

Poor little guy! It dosen't look like it bothers him as much as it looks like it should though. I hope his little eyes get better soon.

The Cake's Mom said...

Poor Little Guy. It dosen't look as though it is slowing him down any, or that it hurts as much as you would think that it should. I hope his little eye feels better soon!