Monday, September 23, 2013

Why I Love You, My Husband

Dear Brad,

In honor of our anniversary, I thought that I'd let you know just a few of the reasons that I love you. (These are not in any particular order.):
  1. I didn't think the day would ever come where someone would 'get' me, but you understand me even when I don't understand myself.
  2. You love me when I'm not very lovable, not just on the good days. When you said "for better or for worse" you actually meant it.
  3. You support my decisions, even when you don't agree with them. Then, you hold me when I cry when those decisions don't go the way I wanted. 
  4. You rub my back when I have trouble sleeping, and instinctively know when the day has been particularly rough. Those days you you rub my hair instead.
  5. You hate getting back rubs so I never have to reciprocate.
  6. You welcomed my children into your heart as your own.
  7. You let me drive sometimes, even though I know you hate it. And you hardly ever act like we are going to crash or hit the imaginary brakes.
  8. You sleep on the couch when you know Harper will have a rough night and will need her mama.
  9. Your eyes are beautiful and because of you, so are our son's.
  10. You watch scary movies with me.
  11. You made me a mix CD when we were dating.
  12. You have shared your love of burping with our children.
  13. You let our children express themselves in any way they choose and don't get hung up on gender roles. If Jamie wants to paint his nails? You get out the polish. 
  14. When the housework gets overwhelming for me, you start cleaning. You might be slightly irritated, but you do it because you know that if you start I will join in and it will get done in no time.
  15. You don't care if I shave my legs.
  16. You let me buy a book chair even though we didn't need it just because I loved it. And HELLO. BOOK CHAIR.
  17. Riggs chose you because he just knew you'd be a great doggy daddy.
  18. No matter how many times you threaten to get rid of our bitchy cat, I know you never will because it would make the kids sad.
  19. You always flip me off when I try to take your picture, but when I give you the look then you behave and give me a nice smile.
  20. When you are being a pain in the butt and I give you the look, you (almost always) start behaving. 
  21. When you are angry and I give you the look, you always respond with a snotty or sarcastic "What?" like you don't know what I'm talking about. Then we almost always talk about it and work it out right there on the spot.
  22. Some days you think you can't possibly say the right thing. Those days are the days you ultimately end up saying the best things.
  23. Your taco dip.
  24. You hate mushrooms but Katy loves them, so when I make something with mushrooms in it you pick them out and give them to us.
  25. You check Katy's planner and grades online, knowing that you might end up irritated during the process. You do this because you love Katy and want her to be successful.
  26. You call your mom when you are having a problem.
  27. You give the best hugs.
  28. You grab my butt when I walk past you, even when I haven't changed out of my pajamas in two days.
  29. When you have to give me some feedback that I don't want to hear, you try to chose your words carefully. You don't talk to me in a rude or disrespectful manner.
  30. You love coming home to see the kids yelling "DADDY!" and running to you. 
  31. You don't want to go out of town for work, even if it meant sleeping in a bed all night in a bed all by yourself without being interrupted by a kiddo crawling into it. You admit it is because you'll miss the kids too much.
  32. You probably haven't gotten a completely full night of sleep in five years. You don't very rarely complain because you know that our babies just need us sometimes.
  33. You do your best to fix stuff, even if you have no idea how.
  34. You watch the same kids' shows over and over and over and over even thought it drives you nuts.
  35. You have spent hours looking for the exact toy that Jamie is excited about, even if they stopped making it.
  36. You almost always find a way to make things work out, even if the situation looks bleak.
  37. You rock Harper to sleep almost every night. 
  38. You put up with people that make you nuts if it will make me happy. I say this because we know that most people make you nuts.
  39. You have a beautiful smile, especially if something unexpectedly delights you.
  40. You make sarcasm an art form.
  41. When I sigh, you always ask me what's wrong. Even if I'm just sighing because I'm tired and everything is ok.
  42. You blow on the wet polish on Harper's toes if she asks you to and then tell her how pretty her toes are.
  43. You say words the way the kids say them, just because the way they say them is cute.
  44. You get sad with me when they learn to say the words the right way.
  45. You love our babies as much as I do.
  46. You want to make me happy but at the same time you say no when it's necessary. (Ok, I kind of hate that one but know it's for the best.)
  47. Even though you kind of hate people, you go places with me even if it means dealing with people anyway.
  48. Your heart melts when you look at your sleeping children and I can totally see it in your expression.
  49. You support my borderline-tree-huggerishness.
  50. There are decades of my life left to spend with you. I am confident of this because you are making good choices about being healthy.
I could probably do this all day but one child has just unrolled about half of a roll of paper towels and another is freaking out because someone else has something that he wants.

I love you Brad. Forever. Thank you for loving me back.

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