Wednesday, September 26, 2012


I'm sad for my dear friend today. She lost her dear kitty to the highway by our house, the same highway that has claimed two of our fur babies.

I heard another story about someone who lost her husband to cancer.

We just had to drop a ton of money on getting our pipes repaired.

My father-in-law is back in the hospital.

The kids woke up too early and I am tired. I know that the melancholy comes to roost more easily when I don't get enough sleep. Still, I am wondering today (as I often do) why so many bad things seem to happen in this world to so many good people.

However, the sun is shining. The kids have been fed and are running around being cute. I got some things accomplished around the house and hope to do more throughout the day. I know the sadness will pass because it usually does.

Just hug a few extra people today for me. It costs nothing and means everything.

Love to you,

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Ash said...

And so much love to you.