Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Just Write - Week 54

Today started early with littles bouncing in my bed to wake me up. I vaguely remember my husband kissing me goodbye before heading to work this morning before the sun was up. I don't hear noise outside of my room, which means that Katy probably shut her alarm off again.

"Katy, are you up?"

"Yes Mom, I'm awake." This is said to me in a tone that says that she is still lying in her bed.

"Katy, I asked if you were up. I know you are awake. Get out of bed. What time is it?"

"Almost 7:30."

"You better get moving then or you are going to be late."


"Katy, did you hear me?"

"Yeah Mom."


Jamie starts jumping on bed. I tell him not to. Again. I continue to prod Katy along verbally until she appears in my room fully dressed. She kisses me goodbye and starts to turn away.

"Did you brush your teeth?"


"No Mom."

"Go do it now before you go downstairs and don't forget to take your pills."


I kiss her again and she hugs me briefly.

"Love you honey, have a good day."

"I love you too Mom."

I hear various noises that indicate Katy is finishing up getting ready and then the door slams as she leaves.

I have wriggling little bodies in my bed, alternating between making each other laugh and annoying the crap out of each other. I finally resign myself to the fact that sleep is officially done for the day and take them downstairs so that Jamie can have his beloved Honey Nut Cheerios and so that Harper weave in and out of my legs like a cat while I prepare breakfast for them both.

This is my life and I wouldn't have it any other way.

Heather of The Extraordinary Ordinary invites us to Just Write and link up to her blog every Tuesday. She said to just write freely, capturing a moment without forcing it or spending too much time in clarification. Please visit her for details.

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