Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Halp. The Internet Hath Failed Us

We are without internet access. Don't know why. Bill paid. Brad is calling the phone number for  technical support. THERE IS NO ANSWER. This can only end in tears.

I fear the zombie apocalypse may be upon us.

Going to fill the bathtub with water and gather candles and supplies.

May God have mercy on our souls.


Kristin Marriott said...

Please, please... don't forget to take the can opener with the canned goods...
Ha! I almost hashtagged zombie apocolypse. I should probably spend less time on twitter ;*)


KristinFilut said...

Oh no!!! I've had internet issues for almost a week. It. Is. Dreadful.

Jo said...

I am praying my little heart out that the internet will be magically restored when I get home. Then I feel slightly guilty for wasting prayer on something like that. Then I think of how crabby my husband will be if the internet is not restored. Then I start praying again with a clear mind and heart.

Anonymous said...

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