Sunday, August 28, 2011

Death Truck

Driving to Wisconsin today to pick up my middle daughter, we were almost forced off of the road by a truck that obviously did not check his mirrors before changing from the right lane to the left. (We were in the left.)

We'd just crossed the Mississippi River into Wisconsin and were just coming off of this long bridge. I'm still extremely pissed off, especially since there really isn't anything we can do about it. Ever notice how you get so much MORE MAD when something like this happens and your babies are in the vehicle with you? ARGH. Cue nightmares about our van plummeting into the Mississippi.

After my heart palpitations stopped, I snapped a pic of the back of what I've taken to calling the Death Truck. I was betting that he had one of those '1-800 How's My Driving' decals on the back doors.

Click on the picture to see the second reason I'm angry. Angry with a small side of grudging respect for his ingenuity.

Seriously, as furious as I was? I actually laughed when I spotted the 'redesigned' decal. Mad props for being clever dude.

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Anonymous said...

Scary! Glad you're ok.

Semis have crazy blind spots- where you possibly in a spot he just couldn't see you? (Not that it makes it ok or any less terrifying)

NicoleNeal said...

You can still report him.

and his truck number is on the picture. :o)

I've had incidents like this before and I know it's nerve wracking, especially with children in the car.

Jo said...

Anonymous - that is completely possible and I'm truly hoping it was not intentional. Even when we laid on the horn and slammed on the brakes he still completed the lane change though, completely expecting US to yield. That was rather poor in my opinion.

Nicole - I'm waiting for a representative right now. ;)