Monday, June 20, 2011

Be Excellent To Each Other

So by all accounts it's been a rough month. Hubby's tweet sums it up nicely:

I'll spell it out in bullet points (because sometimes a girl just has to use bullet points to keep it all straight and also so that she doesn't burst into tears):
  • Gas leak in house resulting in hundreds of dollars of repairs to said house. Because we have money trees in the backyard of course.
  • Fridge freezer went out then within the week the fridge part went too.
  • My father-in-law had major heart surgery which will entail literally months of recovery.
  • Said heart surgery was complicated by a stroke either while on the table or shortly after that.
  • Payroll has messed up Brad's paycheck at least 3 times in the last two months, resulting in bank fees.
  • Our van is in the process of dying a slow painful death. Because we have money trees growing in the backyard of course.
Not included in the above tweet are the following:
  • Teething (?) baby...because why not?
  • Made decision that financially we cannot afford to go to Florida for my aunt's wedding and to finally meet my little brother that I haven't seen since he was a toddler.
  • Not getting enough sleep because of said teething baby.
  • The one day we tried to do something sans little ones, Harper decided to scream the whole time we were gone. We ended up returning early.
  • All of the general stuff that goes on when a family member is in crisis with arranging pet care and making sure everyone is holding up emotionally.
  •  Jamie being...two. (Do I need to explain?)
  • Katy starting softball which is a ton of running around. Also? The coach lacks significant organizational skills so that we often don't know what is going on until THE DAY OF. (Gah.)
Ok, now as soon as the world's smallest violin stops playing a sad song for me then I will tell you my plan.

*waits* goes.

Be excellent to each other.

No, it is not an original idea. I actually got it from an article I read today on the CNN website. You probably know it from one of the most excellent films of all time. I read the article today and spoke to me.

I decided that instead of letting all of the crap going on in my life drag me down, I am going to focus on lifting other people up. After all, this stuff is temporary right?
  • The gas leak didn't blow us up in our beds.
  • The fridge/freezer went out but resulted in not very much lost food. We were also able to get a good used one for a good price.
  • Dave survived a very difficult surgery AND his new LVAD is working great.
  • Dave's stroke was 'realtively' minor and he has a good chance for recovery. AND it didn't affect motor skills significantly.
  • Brad's payroll issues have not impacted us significantly. We've been able to squeek through until they were fixed.
  • Yeah, our van is dying BUT Dave's time in the hospital freed up his van for us to use. Plus Laura's dad is a mechanic so we might get a good deal on repairs.
  • Teething babies go to college before you know it and we will miss her being this tiny. 
  • Life will slow down and my brother and my aunt and I will get together when it's meant to happen.
  • Who really needs sleep? Hehee.
  • Harper will only be this size once and I feel happy that she needs me.
  • I have family to support in times of crisis and I love them and am glad to be able to help.
  • Jamie is the best two year old that I've had so far. (Sorry girls but the truth is the truth and I don't love you any less for it.) 
  • I am thoroughly enjoying seeing Katy play softball. I'm so glad she's interested in it and am proud of her.
Some might say we are cursed. *ahem* husband *cough*

I say we are lucky.

So who's with me? Ready to be excellent to each other? Let's DO THIS.

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Heather Byrd said...

Beautiful Jo! I'm so sorry that you are going through so much right now, but your attitude is amazing, and you inspire me! You go girl! (Also, Savanna is teething, and has just about boycotted sleep all together, so I'm with you on that one...)