Monday, March 28, 2011

My Feed Is Wonky

So I'm hearing my feed doesn't work. Here's the story. I have a Blogger blog. I think the original url is Hubs bought for me (because anything related to computers is his 'love language' and I love it). He then made it so that my blog routed to the new address.

I tried to get @MinnesotaJo on Twitter and it was not available as someone WHO ISN'T EVEN USING IT has it and I can't get to it. So then for a long time I was @MinnesotaJoZ on Twitter. I hated that name so I switched it to @MinnesotaJoY and love THAT, being the relatively happy person that I am it seemed suitable.

After I changed my Twitter name, I changed my blog from Jo's NeverEnding Fun in Minnesota to MinnesotaJoY. Then my love got me the address (because anything related to computers is...oh wait, already said that). Then he made it so that if you type in it takes you to my blog. I don't know exactly how as I am NOT the expert in this house.

So, the Blogspot address redirects to The also shows my blog posts but I don't think it changes the site to because you can't click on individual blog posts and get a unique blog post address like you can on It almost acts like a 'read only' copy if that makes sense.

So, long story short...I'm hearing my feed doesn't work from multiple sources. I have no idea what I'm doing or how to fix it or even if we have the blog set up correctly.

I would like it so that you can type in and have access to anything but also have it so that if someone types in they would be automatically redirected to Does this make sense???

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Sarah said...

For the longest time I thought you weren't blogging much but then realized you just weren't showing up in my feed!!! Now today in my feed is the blog for the Harpersnugglestweetup from the beginning of February!!!! How crazy is that!?!?! I tried un-following you & re-following but I don't think that has worked either.

Chibi said...

I'm seeing this post in my reader, so your feed MUST be working! Unless it's feed fairies... ;)