Monday, December 13, 2010

Packing List for Hospital

So, I am WOEFULLY behind on my getting ready for this baby. Do me a favor will ya? Check my checklist and tell me if I'm either forgetting something vital OR have something on the list that will be a waste of time and space? Thanks a million!!

(Edited to allow for some suggestions that have already been made. Still up for more so comment away!)

Birth Bag:

___ Cash
___ Camera/cord to upload pictures
___ Video camera/tripod/cord
___ Extra batteries/battery pack
___ Gift for siblings
___ Cell phones/chargers
___ Pregnancy/birth reference book
___ Laptops/chargers
___ Oral Vitamin K prescription for mom (declining Vitamin K injection after birth)

For labor:
___ Birth plan
___ Facecloth from home (colored, so it doesn't get into hospital laundry-thought of hospital washcloth on face grosses me out-yes weird, I know)
___ nightgown for labor (must wear own clothes during labor-HATE hospital gowns)
___ Lollipops and hard candy (for dry mouth)
___ Lotion/massage/aromatherapy oils
___ Back massager/batteries
___ Tennis balls(back massage)
___ Watch or stopwatch (with a second hand for timing contractions)

Comforts of home:
___ Book (in case labor stalls and I need to escape reality for a bit)
___ Snacks
___ Fan (white noise while sleeping and hospital cannot guarantee they'll have one available)
___ Mp3 player with headphones
___ Extra pillow (colored pillowcase-personal thing of mine, must have MY
___ Arm’s Reach Co-Sleeper (want baby next to me and bed is only a single)

For your partner:
___ Change of clothes
___ Shorts/t-shirt for sleeping
___ Slippers
___ Swim trunks
___ Snacks
___ Puzzle books/pencils (to avoid stir crazy behavior if labor slows)

After birth:
___ Address book
___ Large bag to bring home gifts/hospital supplies
___ Phone number list

___ Bathrobe
___ Comfy pajamas
___ Slippers
___ Nursing bras
___ Nursing pads
___ Slippers
___ Thick socks
___ Maternity underwear
___ Comfortable outfit

Personal care:
___ Body soap
___ Brush/comb
___ Contact lens case/solution
___ Glasses/case
___ Deodorant
___ Earplugs
___ Eyeshade
___ Facial soap
___ Glasses
___ Ponytail holders
___ Fabric headband
___ Chapstick
___ Makeup
___ Maxipads
___ Shampoo/conditioner
___ Mousse/gel/hairspray
___ Toothbrush/toothpaste

For Baby:
___ Carseat
___ Diapers for the trip home
___ Going-home outfit
___ Hat/cap
___ Socks
___ Receiving blankets
___ Warm blanket for travel home
___ Cover for carseat


MommyLisa said...

That seems like a LOT. I never used the cd/radio I brought. Not a lot of time for reading, so that may be overkill. I was too HOT for bathrobe - delivered in January in MN - and pj's? I didn't want to ruin mine after I saw all the blood.

Is the co-sleeper not provided at your hospital? Ours brought her to me in the bassinet and that worked out fine. I delivered at Abbott.

Quite honestly you could bring any of this stuff and there will be something you do not use.

Laura said...

I would say you definitely didn't forget anything! :)

Things I wouldn't probably bring:
Cooler (don't they have a little fridge stocked with drinks/snacks?)
CD player (don't they provide those either?)
Pillows (that was just my own preference, I didn't want MY pillows getting anything on them) :)
Co-sleeper ???
Puzzle books, etc.
Address book
Bathroom (use theirs...same reason as pillows) :)
Diapers (don't they give you a pack there?)

I think you will be plenty prepared! From my experience, less is better, most of the stuff you don't need anyway. :)

Getting close, YAY!!

Jo said...

Ok, thanks for feedback so far...

Will probably skip CD player...just take mp3, my own PJs/robe-used all other three times and feel more comfy in own things and are totally washable (thank you Oxyclean), cosleeper not provided but I want babe next to me and only a single bed (all other hospitals I delivered with had double or queen so I was spoiled), cooler-good call. I am picky about snacks but can bring not refrigerated ones as they will have popsicles, etc there, Pillows (MUST have my own, washable though (again thanks to, fan-white noise and they can't guarantee availability-totally needed one at hospital last time, puzzle books a must or hubs might go nuts waiting, diapers-GOOD CALL

Sunshine Mama said...

That does seem like a lot! I never used my make-up, but bathing stuff was wonderful to have. Comfy clothes also a must. I brought my own pillow...have to have my own too. wow, i didn't bring a book. What did I do with myself?