Sunday, September 12, 2010

The Minnesota Blog Conference in Tweets

So yeah, I went to the Minnesota Blog Conference yesterday. It was my first blogger event ever and I met a ton of people that I've only seen online before. I was really nervous but found that there was not one single person there that would make me cross the street to avoid them. Minnesota nice? You betcha. ;)

It was a good day. My main issue was that I was too much of a dork to just jump in and start introducing myself to people so I spent a lot of time hiding behind my laptop and pregnant belly. I got better as the day went on but still feel like it would have been more fun for me if I'd have tried to engage more people.

So, because I'm still exhausted and still processing things, I present to you... My Day In Tweets.

(Hopefully no one minds that I used a few that were not my own. I spent a lot of time retweeting during the day and often did so when someone tweeted a thought or idea that made me nod in agreement or tweeted at a time when I was too busy crying or laughing. Yeah, did a bit of crying but did WAY more laughing so it worked out in the end.)

*Disclaimer: Many more tweets were tweeted during this day. MANY more. However, in the interest of time and not making your eyeballs bleed, I'm only including around twenty. You're welcome.

All in all? I'm so very glad I went. So much more happened then is reflected in my tweets but it's so hard to get it all down. To all of those that helped me feel welcome, my most sincere gratitude. I only felt like bolting for the door once or twice and each time the urge hit me, someone picked that very moment to say hello, or smile or nod in recognition.

Two different people told me that someone was looking for me because they wanted to meet me. That? Made me so very happy.


darcie said...

So great to finally met you in real life! I had no clue you were so shy! You could have joined us for longer in the photo area ya know! Hope to see you soon...

Anonymous said...

It was SO good to finally meet you, and I get to see you next weekend too!!

Glad you had a wonderful time, that felt that you learned and met so many of the people you have been reading. That is the point right!

Jen Westpfahl said...

Fun post! You were right about the cucumbers. It was Heidi (@hbobier).

I didn't think you were shy at all! And you're mentioned in my conference post. :)

MollyinMinn said...

I LOVED finally meeting you and found myself thinking later that you have the blog just right. Joy. You exude joy.

Hope to see you again soon.

Tina said...

It was nice to meet you too and I didn't think you seemed shy at all! Loved seeing your smiling face walking around on Saturday! Like Molly said, your blog name has it right on, JOY!

Marketing Mama said...

Oh my, it's funny to hear how shy you were... because it seemed to me like you were really comfortable most of the time. Of course I missed the tweet about you sitting by yourself with your laptop.

I was the one who tweeted at you from the blog conference ID about lunch being ready. I was out in the back alley with the food when I saw your tweet on my smart phone. I heard later that you DID laugh out loud and came over to the reg table asking who did it. Sorry I wasn't there to smile and laugh with you! I hope you ate two lunches (because I did, and I'm not pregnant).

I felt like I already kinda knew you from our twitter chats and loved seeing your smiling face. Only wish I wasn't so busy with my 'organizer' hat on that I could have spent more time with you. Next time, for sure. :)

Anonymous said...

Well Hi! I am super shy too and I was sitting in your row at the first group meeting.

I did not meet a ton of people because of my shyness so I will have to try harder the next time.

So you were tweeting on your computer! I thought you were taking notes :-)