Monday, August 2, 2010

What Not To Do During World Breastfeeding Week

Disclaimer: The following is a review of an establishment that I have (admittedly) never visited. The situation is currently unfolding on Twitter, (search @thedoubleshot ) if you are inclined to check it out. Having said that, I just cannot sit idly by and watch blatant asshattery without putting my two cents in.

Not Breastfeeding-Friendly But Hoping He'll Learn by MinnesotaJo

August 02, 2010

I follow @thedoubleshot on Twitter and Brian couldn't have picked a worse time to pick on a breastfeeding mom in his establishment as this week is World Breastfeeding Week.

thedoubleshot: Notice: No breastfeeding at the DoubleShot. Thank you.

Following it up with : "Settle down, folks. We just don't like walking across the room and seeing your breast. Maybe you could do it in private." didn't help matters much.

Once he got backlash from many (and I mean M-A-N-Y) on Twitter, he followed up with: "Ok ok, breastfeeding allowed again at the DoubleShot. Hey! Breastfeeding all around. :)" and "I was just kidding anyway. Didn't expect that blow up. Sorry to get you guys riled up."

No, you weren't kidding Brian. You were just covering your butt because you didn't realize the power of social media. My advice to you is to a) give a SINCERE apology to the women you offended by your insensitive and ILLEGAL remarks ( and b) have a discussion with a breastfeeding mother about how people make it difficult for them to do what they do to take care of their children and gain some healthy and respectful perspective about why mothers choose to breastfeed.

I'm assuming you are not a complete jerk and that your comments were made because you just don't know any better. Please prove me right and you will have every breastfeeding mom in a three-state radius visiting your place. This can only be good for business, unlike your thoughtless comments earlier today.

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Gena said...

I'm so apalled that someone would say that on social media! I think they deserve more than a nurse in! They deserve nursing mommas sitting on their door step with signs and passing out the LAW! We definitely deserve more than a pitiful meaningless "I was joking". We deserve sincerity!