Monday, July 26, 2010

My letter to Mike Holmes

Earlier tonight, I tweeted the following: @herbadmother THAT IS IT. I will NOT rest until I see Mike Holmes, in a tutu, remodeling your sister's basement. #tutusforTanner

To meet Catherine (Her Bad Mother) go here. To read Tanner's story and understand why I'm suddenly obsessed with tutus, go here.

Because when I tweeted the above about not resting, and tutus and Tanner I truly MEANT IT, I found Mike Holmes on Twitter (@Make_It_Right). This was super easy because I was already following him. If you don't know who Mike Holmes is then I feel really bad for you because he is THE MAN. Google it. You'll thank me.

...oh FINE, here's a link. Sheesh.

Having found him, I tweeted: @Make_It_Right You are desperately needed.

Deciding that the tweet was not quite enough, I send the original tweet regarding Mike in a tutu to @Make_It_Right.

Because I vowed to not rest until I met my objective (Mike in tutu remodeling Tanner's house), I looked up Mike's website hoping to find contact information for his business. Eureka! I found it and sent the following:

Dear Mike Holmes:

I never do this. By never, I mean NEVER. However, I am doing it now...

I know someone who needs your help. I cannot do the story justice, it would be better if I sent you the information in the words of someone who is much better at writing than I am and who is invested in the story so much more than I am. Her name is Catherine and her nephew Tanner is dying. Please read the following blog post for the story:

My heart is breaking. I've never met Catherine (who lives in Canada), or her sister, or Tanner. All I know is this - if this were my child, I would do everything I could to make sure he gets his wish.

I'm not asking for you to swoop in and do the remodel (although it would be awesome if you did). I'm not asking for you to pay for anything. All I'm asking for is for you to read his story and do whatever seems appropriate to you to help. They need all the help they can get and maybe you know people who would assist at reduced cost or would possibly donate some services. Any little bit would be wonderful.

I'm just so worried. Tanner doesn't have a lot of time left and my heart is breaking for him and his family.

Thanks for listening,


JackiYo said...


Her Bad Mother said...

This made me cry. Thank you. THANK YOU.

Amanda said...

You rock. I am a little smitten with Mr. Holmes myself. He is a GENIUS! I love that he knows everything and cares so much about people. Your letter is amazing!!!

Be blessed-

Lara said...

We love Holmes here - my oldest son and hubby watch it regularly as a bonding experience!

Your letter brought me to tears, great job. I hope you get the response you are looking for.

Lara said...

We love Holmes here - his show is a staple in out TV lineup.

Your letter was beautiful and brought me to tears. I hope you receive the response you are looking for!

Lara said...

sorry i did not mean to submit twice - oops

Ash said...

Get it, gurl! Mike, listen to the lady, k?

Unknown said...

We love Holmes here too! :) Keep us posted on the outcome.

You are wonderful to send the links/letter!

Unknown said...

Great post!! I really really really hope it works!