Thursday, June 24, 2010

My little man is growing up

I knew this day would come. I thought I would be happy about it. Turns out I was wrong...

I tried to nurse Jamie when he woke this morning and he just wasn't interested. He latched for MAYBE .5 seconds and then was basically like "ALL DONE". He hasn't really been interested in nursing for weeks now. He NEVER asks on his own. I offer, sometimes he nurses and sometimes he doesn't. Mostly lately it's been that he doesn't.

I know in my heart that he's really done.

I realize that nursing for just over a year and seven months is amazing. I know it's far longer than most moms are able to do. I just feel so sad. I'm not ready for my baby to not want it anymore. We struggled so badly in the beginning and there were many times when I thought I just could not do it another minute. Somehow though, we managed to make it through.

I know how lucky I am not to go through a horrible weaning experience with him. I did what I said I'd do - I let him nurse until he was ready to walk away from it on his own. He is a strong, confident and happy boy and just doesn't need it anymore. But now that it's over my heart is breaking a little. My little baby boy just isn't a baby anymore. *sniffle*

Sad as I am, I'm still very proud to say:

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Sweet Harper said...

I shed a few tears when my kids were done too. You are so lucky to have nursed as long as you did. With both of my kids, my milk pretty much dried up at 6 months on the dot-so strange, and I was so bummed! Always wished it could have been longer. You have a lot to be proud of mama, that's fabulous. Smooches to you!

Laura said...

Hugs Mama! You did an awesome job and no matter how long I think it's usually harder on the moms! I nursed B for 19 months too and loved every second and would have gone longer if he wanted to but I felt the same as you...when he wants to be done, he's done. (Plus, you get to do it again soon!!) :)