Thursday, May 27, 2010

Did you know that I am bilingual?

Yep, it's true. Don't tell my middle child or she'll be really mad at me.

What other language do I speak? It's one that is very well-known in our family. We like to call it 'Whine-ese'. It rhymes with Whinese but is way easier to learn. When my Katy was small, she would often ask for things in that 'fingernails across a chalkboard' whine that kids are so good at doing. We would look at her with a confused look on our faces and say "Oh, I'm sorry Katy but I don't speak Whine-ese." She would get the hint (most of the time) and try the request again using a more pleasing tone of voice.

So, all this time I've been lying to my child. I've been denying being able to speak her language when all along I really could. Don't believe me? Try following me on Twitter. Proof positive that Mama's whining ability is alive and well. Nothing like rampant morning-noon-and-night sickness to bring out the whiner in me.

I'm really hoping it will lessen or subside completely or at least givemeafreakingbreakforalittlewhile but who knows? Historically I'm prone to it and had it pretty horribly with two of my three living children. I didn't really suffer much with my pregnancy that ended in a miscarriage so this gives me hope that this one is going well. I hear that morning sickness is a sign of a healthy baby.

June first I will have my first OB appointment to make sure everything is ok in there. I already have a prescription called in for Zofran so we'll see how that does. I welcome any remedies that you wish to share.

In the meantime, I'll probably whine. A LOT. My apologies in advance.

P.S. Sorry Katy for lying about the whine-ese thing. It seems you've forgotten how to speak it anyway... ;)

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Unknown said...

Whinese? Well, I am very familiar but have not had to master it yet for my child. THANK YOU Lord! : )

Congratulations on being bilingual : )