Tuesday, March 9, 2010

I just got an email from my daughter who is home sick today.

mom its me i love you even though i get mad at you
love katy

Being curious about this I hopped onto chat to get some clarification.

me: thanks for the email.
me: are you mad at me??
Katy: no
Katy: i just felt like you needed to know that
me: you are such a sweetie, thank you honey...i love you too


Katy: so i can listen to music on youtube


Katy: sorry i changed the subject
me: no, you cannot listen to music on youtube because that means videos and you are grounded my love
me: Are you mad at me now?


Katy: no

Nice try honey but Mama wasn't born yesterday.


Bethie said...

Oh, that is a daily occurrence in my house. Mom I love you followed by kisses on the cheek. Can I vacuum for you? I read Travis a book mom! What do you want Caroline? : )

Yea, we know all the tricks, because we invented them.

Corinne Cunningham said...

Oh my word this made me giggle... I remember those days when I was where your daughter is. And I'm hoping to keep my sense of humor when Paige is at that point! :)

Katy G said...

i liked that

Jo said...

Awww...thanks honey!

Katy G said...

i liked that

Sunshine Mama said...

I like the *crickets* sound. Looks like we're not the only house that has crickets in it.