Friday, February 12, 2010

And so it begins...

My daughter is grounded. The reasons are not important to the story.

Because there is no school today, I gave her permission to be on my laptop to do two things:
  1. Sign onto Gmail chat in case she needed to talk to me. I told her no sending emails to friends or anything, only chatting with me was allowed.
  2. Do math games to practice her math skills. No other websites without permission and I told her I have the ability to check if she thinks about being sneaky.
I gave this permission for two reasons:
  1. She is grounded from TV and video games and just about anything fun. I'm not a completely heartless jerk and didn't want her staying home most of the day by herself with nothing to do. (Also, I'm not dumb, I totally know that idle hands are the devil's playground).
  2. She could really use the math practice and I thought this would be a fun way to have her do something she needs to do anyway.
She also likes to read so I know she can do that during the day as well. She messaged me and asked if she could go on the 'note pad' dealy on computer. I said that was fine as I know she likes to write stories and figured it would help with her typing skills.

Shortly after that we had this conversation via Gmail chat:

Sent at 8:26 AM on Friday

Katy: can i go on paint
me: yes
me: wait
me: NO. I told you, gmail and math. You are grounded remember?
me: i'll allow note pad but nothing else
Katy: ok :(
me: don't be making that sad face at me young are lucky to have computer time

Sent at 8:29 AM on Friday

Katy: Wake up in the morning feeling like piddy i got my glasses i'm out the door i'm gonna hit this city before i leave brush my teeth with a bodle of Jack cause when i leave for the night i aint commin back i'm talking peducurs on my toes toes trieing on our clouse clouse triein to get a little bit tippsey don't stop make it pop d.j blow my speakers up to night i'mma fight till we see the sun light tik tok on the clock but the party don' stop now wwwwhooo wwwwwhooo here in the world that got pleanty of beer got no money in my pocket but i'm already here the dudes are lining up cause they here we got swagger we kick them to the cerb onless the look like mcjagger thease are some f the learkes of tik tok

me: uuh
what the heck was THAT
Katy: the learics of tik tok
atease some of them
me: heh...ok

*crickets chirping*

Sent at 9:06 AM on Friday

Katy: what did you think of tik tok
at least the lyrics

me: I'm thinking I should be paying more attention to the music that you are listening to.


pinksarahh said...

My daughter started singing that song the other day and I was thinking maybe I should be listening a lil more closely!!! ACK!

jules said...

She was kind of close....

Amanda said...

Ok so what the heck is THAT train wreck?? Sorry. I just dont get kids these days. And by taht I mean

1. I need to go streak my hair just for saying that
2. that girl in the video, not your daughter

Later sweet lady!

CM said...

Isn't that just about the worst lyrics!

Good for you for being a consistent, caring parent!