Monday, September 7, 2009

Bargain Shopping

We went shopping today and got the following items:
  • 3 shirts for Mama
  • 1 skirt for Mama
  • 4 pairs of pants for Mama
  • 5 shirts for Daddy
  • 2 skorts for Katy
  • 2 pair of pants for Katy
  • 4 shirts for Katy
  • 3 sweaters for Katy
  • 1 dress for Katy
  • 1 jean jacket for Katy
  • 2 jumpers for Jamie
  • 1 pair of overalls for Jamie
  • 5 pair of pants for Jamie
  • 6 onesies for Jamie
  • 4 shirts for Jamie (2 of them flannel and ADORABLE)
That, my friends, counts up to 44 items. Guess how much we paid? GUESS!

OK, I can't take it. I'll tell you...

We paid $89.95!!!!!! Yep, that's right. $89.95

Are we awesome or what?


Sara @ Domestically Challenged said...

Way to go! Where in the world did you shop?!!!

Anonymous said...

Tell me already where you shopped so I can be there tomorrow!! You're too cool.

Jo said...

Savers...and the sale is today only 50% off. They are open until 9pm so you better hurry!

Laura said...

You are totally awesome! I am like 90% excited for you and 10% jealous, or maybe 80/20... :)

Irrational Dad said...

$90??? I can barely get a couple pairs of pants and a couple shirts for that! Good on ya.

Sunshine Mama said...

You should have made us guess. Wow! Good going.

Amanda said...

Way to go!!! You must share where you shop!!

God bless-

Ok. I see it. Savers. GREAT work girlfriend!

Sarah said...

Awesome!!!! We don't have a Savers that I know of, otherwise I'd so be there!!