Saturday, August 1, 2009

We have TEETH

They showed up last week but our good friend Carrissa finally got photographic evidence yesterday. We tried for days and were woefully unsuccessful. (Thanks Carrissa!) Woot!

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Joe @ IrrationalDad said...

Teething! The BANE of my existence! You've obviously been through it before, but HOLY CRAP, molars are a nightmare!

Sunshine Mama said...

Yippee!! Hopefully no biteyy!:) congrats on the first tooth!!

Amanda said...

Wow!! Awesome!

God bless-

Laura said...

Holy wow is he cute or what!?! I love baby teeth , seriously one of my favorite baby "things" they're just so cute. You know unless they are used to bite the "hand" that feeds if you know what I mean! :) Anyway I came over from I am mommy and wanted to say HI. I thinks it's cool you wrote a letter to that store. Amanda is one of the sweetest forgiving people ever and I love her for that! (Sometimes people need to speak up when wronged though and I'm glad you did!) :)