Thursday, August 20, 2009

I'm back at work

...after being gone for 8 days.

  1. pile of work = overwhelming (Hence the blog post, I needed to take a few minutes away.)
  2. I messed up dates in my head, perhaps due to massive headache for three days. Came in thinking student orientation was today when in fact it was yesterday. I was not here to help with orientation = EPIC FAIL
  3. My Human Resources person just stopped by to see how I was and to have me fill out my time off slip, which will all be unpaid because I don't have any vacation or sick time left.
  4. Waiting for results of thyroid and overall blood tests to determine why I've been feeling so crappy.

Now to name four good things:

  1. Jamie slept all night!
  2. The fan blowing on my face feels really good right now.
  3. As of this moment, I still have a job and I'm earning money right now to help support my family.
  4. I'm providing health insurance right now and it's coverage allows us to out what is wrong with me AND continue to support Jamie with his sleep apnea and reflux issues.
  5. Unless I am bleeding out of my eyeballs before this weekend, we are going camping for the first time as a family. We even got a 'last-minute' utility site at the campground so we are able to hook up Jamie's monitor. (We were sweating how to get that arranged.)
  6. I have the best hubby ever.
  7. I have the best kids ever.
  8. I did some laundry last night so we all have clean clothes and towels.
  9. I did the dishes last night. I even did them BEFORE every dish in the house was dirty.
  10. I remembered to start the dishwasher. (Yes, there were enough dishes to do a load in washer AND in dish drainer...don't ask.)
  11. I remembered to bring my breast pump to work (mostly because Brad packed it up and put it next to my bag but still...)
  12. I was actually a few minutes early to work today.
Well...guess I had more than four good things. Yay me!

Wish me luck on the whole 'finding out what the heck is wrong with me while still keeping my job thing'!


Laura said...

Way more good than bad, that's awesome! Good luck, I hope all your tests come back good!

Amanda said...

I LOVE that your list was more then 4 things...the good list that is!!

And I want pictures and details from this weekend!! You are going to have such a good time...relaxing, roughing it... talking and eating! Take LOTS and LOTS of pictures!

Prayers for continued healing...


The Fritz Facts said...

I love that your good list was so long! Perfect!

I hope you find out soon what is dragging you!! Hope camping went well.