Saturday, July 25, 2009

Jamie took his first bath today...

...alone. Ha! Not his first bath ever!

Jamie has always taken baths with his mama. He had his first one with me in the hospital and we just kept on doing it that way.

He loves bath time and was so happy doing it that way so we didn't want to mess with a good thing.

However, today was the start of something new. He'd pooped ALL OVER THE PLACE and I was so NOT interested in sharing bath water with the Poopmeister. He had so much fun in his little tub that I'm thinking that we'll be doing bath time separate from now on. *sniffle*


Sunshine Mama said...

Nice happy faces.:)

Well, if he's anything like mine, he'll still be sharing bathroom time with you for a looonnggg time. Have a nice Monday!

J.J. said...

New to your blog :)

Ahhh...come on...why on earth wouldn't you possible want to share a bath wiht a little sweet precious Poopmeister? Hee Hee

I loved little one bath time..they always have so much fun.

Ashley Weeks Cart said...

Aw. Bath time is my favorite. Sunny Bug ADORES her bath... as does her mama. Tee hee. See my recent post ;)