Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Blog Hop 7/28/09 - Favorite Kid Photos

This week's Blog Hop theme is "Favorite Kid Photos". You can have one or more of your favorite photos your kids, grandkids, someone else's kid or even YOU when you were a kid. Funny, precious, heartwarming... your favorite!

Jamie meeting Stellan for the first time. "Hey, I like you! You are wearing ORANGE!"

Katy on her 8th birthday. I just LOVE this pic!

Laura...in a dress...looking so cute and innocent. So not like her usual self. Ha! *grin*

I've shown this one before but it is still my favorite. Gotta love avocado. (Jamie thinks "Not so much Mama but I'll grin because I see the camera!")

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P.S. Still praying for Stellan and the MckFamily. Click here for updates on his condition and to hear about travel plans to Boston. Click here if you would like to follow MckMama on Twitter as she does the majority of her updates there. (Oh, and if you want mine, click here.)

Prayers for Stellan

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Sugar and Spice said...

Hi! I saw your comment on Mckmama! I wanted to share my website with you: Sugarandspice1.etsy.com
I will be donating a portion of all sales to the String of pearls to help families and babies like Stellan! I am trying to get it out there in any way I can! Please let your family, friends etc. I would really appreciate it!
Thanks!! :)

Holly said...

Great pics! That's so cute Jamie meeting Stellan. And the avocado one is good! :) Love messy faces!

Unknown said...

Thanks for stopping by. How fun that you got to meet Stellan - praying for him here, too!!

Amanda said...

Those are great pictures..worth sharing again and again!!!

I saw your email about the 5K...just thought I'd tell ya i probably won't be doing that. As I can barely get through 30 minute of the Shred, I don't think I could run FIVE MILES!!!! But you rock!!

I'll cheer for ya!

God bless~

Crystal said...

Oh my goodness, your kids are cute!!! Love the pictures.

Thank you for the prayers for Bentley's appointment Friday, that means so much to us!!

ps. that's neat that you have the same chair and we live so far away.

... and we are praying so hard for Stellan, it hits so close to home.

Cathy said...

Great pics! You have beautiful children. Thanks for sharing!