Friday, July 17, 2009

...and in with the new.

(Yeah, I know. Blurry cell phone pic - but I keep FORGETTING to charge the battery on my camera! For now, this will have to do.)

Edit: Here it is again after doing it myself this morning. Alright people, what am I doing wrong?!? LOL

P.S. In case you were interested, here is a shot of all of the hair that went bye bye. I remarked that there was enough hair for another person on the floor. My hair stylist thought it was actually enough for two people. LOL


Sunshine Mama said...

I like it. That is a lot of hair. :)

Amazing Greis said...

LOVE it!

Leighann said...

I love your new hair cut.... gives you a ton of energy. And, I liked how you did it this morning so I'm not sure why you think you did something wrong. I am studying the two pics to see what is so wrong, I just notice that your styling is a little puffier, but it doesn't look bad. Did the stylist use any hair product that you didn't? Maybe it was a straightener of some sort.
Anyway, I think it looks great.

Katy G said...


Katy G said...