Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Guess who broke down...

...and gave the boy some solid food for the first time?

Yep, that was me. Daddy and Katy helped. It was awesome.

He wasn't sure how he felt about about avocado at first but soon he got the hang of it and seemed to enjoy it. Of course, as is usual for the first time, he got more on himself then in his mouth. *shrug*

Little known fact: The avocado is also known as the 'alligator pear'.


P.S. Here is some video if you are so inclined.

(First time being fed solids)

(Katy taking a shot at it.)


Sunshine Mama said...

love the hand tapping while feeding him...Nice to see this first feeding. He is such a cutie pie.

Joe said...

Ours is actually feeding himself now and is learning how to use a fork/spoon. It makes things easier, but it's such a sad development.