Monday, April 20, 2009

Tomorrow, TUESDAY April 21, Offically declared ORANGE DAY!!

(Copied from another blog, to see the original HERE)

Tomorrow is officially declared wear ORANGE day to represent Stellan's life! Tomorrow sweet little Stellan will be undergoing a heart ablation at only 6 months old. In wearing ORANGE we will represent our prayers and thoughts for him. So wear ORANGE, and let everyone you know, know why!!! For more details on Stellan's trip to Boston and medical details click on over....

This is the "not copied from another blogger" part of my post:

So, not only do *I* plan to wear orange tomorrow, I plan to take pictures of my orange-wearing self and my orange-wearing children (and perhaps even an orange-wearing husband?) and send them to MckMama so that she knows we are thinking of her and her precious Stellan...and yes, the pictures will include signs saying "We *heart* Stellan". Duh. :D

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