Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Katy was sickly today

...so I stayed home with the two youngest. Jamie was a good boy today, hardly fussy at all. Katy was a trooper and did well also. She was running a bit of a fever (101.4) but it's gone now so she should be ok for school tomorrow.

I've been so busy lately taking care of the little one that it seems I always either rush through some sort of easy boxed meal or my husband ends up cooking. I made beef stew and bread today and being able to actually COOK felt nice. Granted, I had to rush through chopping veggies and preparing the meal because Jamie immediately got fussy but I still got it done! Yay me!

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Sunshine Mama said...

Joanne's home made stew and home made bread?... wish we lived closer... sounds yummy. When the kids were that age, they used to do that a lot. Now, I sit him in the highchair with some kix and usually does the trick. It's so nice reading about your day!