Friday, September 26, 2008

I hereby decree...

...that no one else in my family is allowed to go to the emergency room for at least the next week. So sayeth Jo.

Friday - eldest child's foot run over by the family vehicle.
Sunday - father-in-law goes to ER via ambulance due to nearly fainting while shopping.
Tuesday - fell at work and had to go to ER for x-rays and other nonsense.

Everyone is fine, everyone is home, no one is broken or even on crutches anymore but I've had it with dealing with anyone in the field of medicine. Period.

I need a break and if one more "incident" occurs in the next seven days, I will be losing my freaking mind.

I'm just sayin'.


Anonymous said...

What if you have your baby in the next seven days?

Jo said...

Dear Anonymous:

You ask an excellent question. Baby and I have been having ongoing discussions about this very question. I've informed him that it would really be best if he didn't arrive until I have gotten to eat turkey. So far he's been in agreement.

Also, it might be worthy of note to say that I made the original post on 9/26 and today is 10/6 so the grace period has passed.