Thursday, July 10, 2008

Question of the day

Why do my mistakes seem to cost me so much more than other people?

Seems unfair to me, but then again perhaps I'm just feeling hormonal and tired and sorry for myself. Just seems like when other people make mistakes, I'm generally very forgiving. I'm a "walk a mile in their shoes" kinda gal. I hate it...but can't be any other way.

I have...well I guess that's not right anymore. I HAD a friend that I thought was a good one. I had a bad morning. I had a bad week. I'm tired. I'm sick. One of the kids is sick. Husband is gone for the week. Life has been chaotic. I'm exhausted. Haven't gotten what is even close to a full night of sleep this week.

I'm not perfect. Never claimed to be. Never claimed to even be in the VICINITY of perfect.

I made a mistake. I tried to say how I feel about something, and tried to be honest. In the act of doing that, I spoke harshly. I used poor word choices. I SCREWED UP. Now the friend says "We're done." Just like that. Right now I feel like a piece of trash, easily thrown away. Years of friendship flushed down the toilet.

Makes me sad. Makes me wonder how important I am when it is that easy to just walk away.

Funny how two little words can destroy something that was supposed to be important.

I've learned a valuable lesson today. Never say how you feel and always be perfect.

So, I've got some work to do. I need to stop making excuses. I need to learn how to be perfect. I need to keep my thoughts firmly to myself. Should be a piece of cake.

I'm going back to bed. Wake me up in November.

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Thomas said...

Sorry to hear about this, Jo. God is advising me to tell you the following:

All events, all experiences, have as their purpose the creating of opportunity. Events and experiences are Opportunities. Nothing more, nothing less.

It would be a mistake to judge them as "works of the devil," "punishments from God," "rewards from Heaven," or anything in between. They are simply Events and Experiences—things that happen.

It is what you think of them, do about them, be in response to them, that gives them meaning.

Events and experiences are opportunities drawn to you—created by you individually or collectively, through consciousness. Consciousness creates experience.

You are attempting to raise your consciousness. You have drawn these opportunities to you in order that you might use them as tools in the creation and experiencing of Who You Are. Who You Are is a being of higher consciousness than you are now exhibiting.

Because it is My Will that you should know, and experience, Who You Are, I allow you to draw to yourself whatever event or experience you choose to create in order to do that.

Other Players in the Universal Game join you from time to time—either as Brief Encounters, Peripheral Participants, Temporary Teammates, Long-Term Inter-actors, Relatives and Family, Dearly Loved Ones, or Life Path Partners.

These souls are drawn to you by you. You are drawn to them by them. It is a mutually creative experience, expressing the choices and desires of both.

No one comes to you by accident.

There is no such thing as a coincidence.

Nothing occurs at random.

Life is not a product of chance.

Events, like people, are drawn to you, by you, for your own purposes.