Friday, July 11, 2008

I has tummyache...

...but the gyro was soooooo good. I do NOT regret my lunch choice, at least not YET. Ask me later this afternoon.

I'm finally back at work. (See how I said that like it's a good thing? After being at home all week, it really feels like it is!)

My last day at work was Monday. It has been a week of my husband being gone for training for work, cats bringing (live) birds into bed (mine), morning sickness (mine), migraines (not mine), horrible coughing and sniffling (again not mine), cats pouncing up the head (mine) and meowing loudly, frequent nighttime potty breaks (mine), 3 am snacks (both mine and not mine), dogs needing to get a drink or go potty at 2am and also some learning some good things and bad things (and crying) about friendships.

Yeah. I might be tired. I bet I sleep really well tonight with my love finally home and my kids NOT home. Tomorrow, after sleeping in, I plan to grill out and watch the hometown fireworks with family. Adult family. No kids. Just grown ups. (Love the girls...but after two straight weeks of constant kids running around, I really just need some grown up time.)

Has it been a "bad" week? Hmmmm...I'd have to say no. It has been an interesting one to say the least. I cleaned a lot, learned a lot and loved on my girls a lot. I also truly learned to appreciate all the things my husband does when he is home. I've already informed him that he is never allowed to leave home again for more than a day.

I can't possibly call it a bad week with all of that going on, can I?

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