Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Don't read if you don't wanna deal with whining

I went in for my 4th bout of IV fluids (with a Zofran chaser) today. If you ever have to get a few quarts low on fluids, I highly recommend going to Infusion Therapy at Mayo Clinic for all of your IV needs. They are wonderful, the beds are more comfortable, they bring by snacks and drinks on a cart (like every 15 minutes!!) and will hold your hand if the idea if a 20 gauge needle freaks you out. I watched some Emeril and Little House on the Prairie on TV and will bring a movie to watch on Friday when I go back. Oh, and did I mention they swaddle you in heated blankets to make those pesky little veins pop right out?

We tried keeping the IV port thingy in to see if I could keep it until Friday's appointment and reuse it. (You can keep an IV in for up to three days if no irritation develops and I was all for having fewer holes poked in me.) Unfortunately, irritation developed and our experiment was not successful. I had to go in after about 5 hours and have it removed. Oh well, don't know if something will work sometimes until you try it.

I was feeling ok yesterday, not as great today. Feeling a bit disheartened as I was TRULY hoping that the bulk of this nausea could be attributed to being dehydrated. We'll see...maybe I just need to give it a bit more time. In the meantime, I'm starting to look like a drug addict. I hope this gets better soon.


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