Saturday, January 6, 2007

My seven-year-old has a crush...

...on this man. How cute is that? Whenever Extreme Makeover: Home Edition comes on, she jumped up and down and squeals in excitement. She just LOVES Ty. I personally think that he is a bit too hyper and would make me crazy in a very short amount of time. But hey, he seems like a nice enough guy so hopefully this means my daughter is developing good taste. She won't be allowed to date until she is thirty, but nice to see that her preferences are for nice-looking, rich guys with lots of empathy.

My crush (from before I was married of course).

Aww c'mon. Can you blame me people?
He is I mean very attractive. Not that I notice anymore. I only have eyes for my love. (Yes, I know. You are probably gagging right now. So what. I think he's a keeper.)

However, if my hubby ever divorced me...well. You get the idea.

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