Tuesday, December 19, 2006

My dog the shithead...AKA Oliver

Cute isn't he? Ya, except he runs off every time I let him out to go to the bathroom. Apparently he isn't happy unless he takes a shit in someone else's yard. ARRRRGH!!! I spent an hour working on a way of tying him out just so that he could shoot out the door before I could get the clip on his collar.

I love my dog I love my dog I love my dog.

Anybody want a dog?
Here is dog #2 - Willie. His issue is that he needs to always try to sit on your lap. He is not a lap dog. He weighs a ton and is larger than my 7 year old. He is driving me crazy. Really. I mean it.

He also barks at EVERYTHING. Really. I mean it. He is the only dog I've ever seen that lies on the ground completely relaxed and comfortable and barks. I even got him one of those shock collars (which I hate) and it didn't work. Instead of barking, he would bark - yelp - and then bark again. He must have an incredible threshold for pain or irritation.

Might as well introduce you to the other dog while I'm at it. This is Chloe. She is a good dog. She is well-trained, obedient and loving. A bit hyper but she's a Golden Retriever so that's to be expected. She used to be my least-favorite (yes, I admit it...sheesh, not like I'm choosing favorites among my CHILDREN) but I'm developing an appreciation for a dog that is not a shithead. She is a bit of an attention whore but will go away when told so I'm OK with it.

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Joe said...

"Anybody want a dog?"


I love your honesty. I only have one dog, but if I ever get another one or have a kid or something, I'm totally going to rank them in order of how much I love them too. It's just the truth. :-D

Happy holidays!