Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Court TV is an obsession/Hello Tooth Fairy!

Watching Forensic Files now. It's a new episode. Yay! I am addicted to most of the crime-related shows out there. Forensic Files, Cold Case Files, CSI, CSI NY, CSI Miami...mmmmm. Love 'em.

My 7 yr old daughter just lost a tooth. There goes another $5.00. ARGH. Ya so, funny story about that. When my 11 year old lost her first tooth (way back when) she was at her dad's (my ex's) house. The Tooth Fairy left five bucks under her pillow! Apparently Daddy didn't know that she should only get a buck at the most. So now, you guessed it. Word spread and when my younger daughter lost her first tooth, her sister was like "Yay, the Tooth Fairy is gonna leave you $5.00!!" Awww shit.

I think I'm gonna send Daddy a bill. LOL

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