Friday, December 29, 2006


I apparently have an audience. I was just messaged asking if I was sick of blogging 'cause I used to do it twice a day. In response to "my public" I am posting now. Hehee. OK, I confess. My public is one person. My public is my friend 'S'. If I have any other fans then they can make obnoxious comments to confirm this if they would like. I'm perfectly ok with obnoxious comments. In fact, I welcome and revel in them.

Speaking of S., here is a typical instant messaging session between us. Gives you an idea of the maturity level in our relationship...

S: i'm cutting the mats out of toby's peepee. he probably hates me
me: i'm sure he does
me: lol
S: how he does that, i have no idea
me: lol
S: he licks his peepee and masturbates too much
me: prolly
S: nice!
me: i thought so
me: i am awesome
S: you put the me in awesome
me: i do put the me in awesome
me: in fact,
S: sorry i'm not responding. toby appreciates it when i concentrate while cutting his dick
me: lmfao
me: i'm sure he more ways than one
S: shit. he sneezed.
me: is he bleeding?
S: no
S: hes fine
me: whew!
S: "turn your head and cough toby"
me: lol

(Toby is a dog. Just so you know. We aren't THAT sick in Minnesota.)

So other than that, I did a whole lotta nothing today. I have, however, developed a fixation on Cesar Millan aka "The Dog Whisperer". I LOVE him. He is awesome. He is the dog owner I dream of being. If only he didn't keep telling me to walk my dogs for 45 minutes first thing in the morning. If he only knew me then he would know how INSANE of an idea that is. I'd make it a New Year's resolution but I'd only be lying to myself.

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